Volvo 122S/Amazon Alternative Trunk/Boot Seal Kits

Installs in Minutes ! NO GLUE Required !!!



Don't be deceived by the price data, these kits are a much better deal than what any of the  on-line/mail order/eBay Classic/vintage Volvo specialists have to offer. First of all, the seal they sell you is made of sponge rubber which is a much lower quality material and much cheaper to make than the high quality PVC rubber over flexible metal skeleton type seal that you're looking at here. This stuff is the highest quality automotive weatherstripping you can buy anywhere so will hold up and retain it's sealing qualities much longer than the stock stuff will.

Secondly, the standard design seals have to be glued in place. This type of weatherstripping does not require gluing because it just has to be pushed onto the lip of the trunk opening (see photos) so it's much quicker, easier and waaaay less messy and hassle to install. The glue required for mounting the stock stuff costs about $14/tube so there's another potential cost savings that should be considered.

This alternative trunk seal is the same seal that we sell for the P1800. Below is a link to an independent review of the seal on the Southern California VSA web site:

Ease of installation is another big consideration. People tell us the stock stuff takes a long time to install and is a hassle to work with because it's very difficult to keep it glued/held down in the corners and often has to be reglued several times before it'll stay in place. This alternative stuff is dead easy to install and stays right where you put it from that point on. Many of our customers have told us that it took them all of about 3 minutes to install one of these trunk seals and that's right about what it took us to install the one we put in our car.

The profile of this seal looks very similar to that of the stock trunk seal when it's installed but this stuff actually has more aesthetic appeal. It also protects the inside lip of the hood and trunk openings from chipping and scratching because it pushes onto the lip (see photos). The stock stuff doesn’t cover the inside edge of the opening lips at all so it leaves that edge completely unprotected and vulnerable to paint damage. Many people have also complained to us that the stock stuff that some of the other vendors are selling stands too proud and doesn't permit the trunk lid to lie flush with the rest of the car when the trunk/boot lid is closed shut. This stuff has a lower profile than the stock stuff and easily allows the trunk lid to lie flush with the surrounding sheet metal when closed while still maintaining a good tight seal on the underside of the trunk/boot lid.

We don't want to sound like we're badmouthing the competition here, we're not. Their trunk seal products do what they're supposed to and you can sometimes get those seals for a slightly lower price than these. The question is, however, are those products a better value for the money? We've sold a LOT of this stuff to other Volvo 1800 and Amazon owners (this is one of our most popular products) and so far everyone's been extremely happy with the quality and value. We've not had a single complaint or negative comment about the product. In fact, many of our customers have written to tell us that they wholeheartedly agree that this stuff is far better than the stock stuff in terms of the quality of materials and construction and is far easier to install. Now it's up to you to decide which type of seal is the best value for the money and vote with your wallet.

Kit Price:

Alternative 122 Trunk Seal Kit:  $47.00 USD (plus shipping)

Shipping Costs:

We only charge actual postage costs plus a small amount (less than $2) to cover the costs of the shipping materials and handling.

Shipping to USA: $17.50 USD (includes insurance & tracking) (Air Service) 10 - 12 Bus. Days

Shipping to Canada: $17.00 USD (includes insurance) Max 7 Bus. Days

International Shipping: Surface Mail (5-8 weeks) $18.00 USD Air Mail (~ 2 weeks) $37.00 USD (includes insurance)