1800 ES Alternative Tail Gate Seal Kit

This product is an excellent value as many specialty classic Volvo parts vendors are selling ES tailgate seals for $67. At only $44.99 you'll be saving over 33% !!

Made from high quality materials.

We guarantee you'll be very impressed by the weight and quality of these seals.

Superior Design.

We have talked to several ES owners and they have told us that the stock design has one major flaw in it. If you look at the pictures of this product you'll see a cross sectional view of the stock and our alternative tailgate seals side by side. As you can see, the stock seal has an extra flap off to one side. That flap does nothing to help make the seal with the tailgate glass. What it does do is trap and hold water underneath it and this leads to rusting around the tailgate opening (see photos).  What's even worse is that this useless flap hides this rust from you so you probably won't even know it's happening until you pull the seal to replace it and by then the rust damage may be severe!

Our seal does not have this useless flap so it will help prevent rusting because there's nothing there to hold and trap water.

Ready to install

Thes seals are cut to length and ready to install. We like to add a little extra length to make sure we never send out out that's a little too short so you might have to trim a little off one end but that only takes a second. 

Kit Pricing:

The cost of one pair of these seals, pre-measured, mitered and ready to install is $44.99 USD plus shipping.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping to USA (lower 48)  $11.50 USD.

Shipping within Canada:  $16.00 USD

International Shipping:
Surface (~5-8 weeks) $12.00 USD. Air (~2 weeks) $21.00