P1800/1800S Fuel Level Sender Unit


These are new (reproduction) Smiths Fuel tank level sending units for a '61 - '69 Volvo P1800/1800S. They come complete with nitrile impregnated cork gaskets. These are very difficult to find and the few places that do sell them charge the proverbial arm and a leg for them. Actually, we know of only two places that sell them (IPD and Swedish Treasures) and they both charge at least $235 USD for them plus another $7 for the gasket. The ones they're selling are repros too and probably no different than this one. (The original manufacturer, Smiths Instruments, went out of business a long time ago so any new ones you can buy today are repros. And really, how many companies can there be out there making reproductions of this type of a sender unit ?) We have a small supply of these we managed to get a while back and we're selling them off at a very reasonable and affordable price while our supply lasts.

Note: These are not for the '70 - '73 fuel injected Volvo 1800E and ES models. Those cars use a different type of sender unit altogether.

We've bench tested these units with a couple of different fuel gauges and they work perfectly. Accurate and nice and smooth throughout the entire range.

One advantage these repro units have over the originals is that the float arm length can be adjusted within a limited range. This will let you adjust the way the gauge acts when the fuel level is low without changing the way it reads when it's closer to full. If you shorten the float arm a little you can make your gauge read a little lower than it otherwise would when the tank is near empty to give you a bit more warning time. Lengthening the arm a little bit will have the opposite effect.

The other nice thing about these units is that the floats are easily replaceable if they ever do start leaking. The floats on the original units were metal and were pretty much impossible to replace when they started leaking (which they were sometimes prone to doing) so you pretty much had to replace the whole unit when that happened. The plastic floats on these units will last you for many years but we still recommend picking up an extra one so that you'll have one on hand just in case the float unit somehow becomes damaged or springs a leak at some time in the future. Having a spare gasket on hand can also be very handy at times.

Unit price: $119.95 USD  (plus shipping)

Price includes 1 nitrile impregnated cork gasket.

Extra Gasket: $6.00

Extra Float: $8.00

Shipping Costs:

We only charge actual postage costs plus a small amount (less than $2) to cover the costs of the shipping tubes and packing materials. The costs of shipping this kit via Air Parcel Post (~10 12 business days) to the USA and Regular Air Parcel Post (4-6 business days) within Canada are as follows:

Shipping to USA: $12.00 USD (includes $125 USD insurance)

Shipping to Canada: $10.50 USD (comes with basic amount [$100] worth of insurance)