Custom Volvo B18/B20 MSD Ignition Wire Kits


We offer a custom made high performance MSD ignition wire set for all Volvos equipped with B18 or B20 engines. This includes the 140 series, 120 (Amazon) series and 1800 series plus the 1975 Volvo 240 with the B20 engine. This wire set is specifically designed to fit the Volvo B18 and B20 engines and is not a generic or universal set. A set like this is not available through any other classic volvo specialty vendor because we custom make them ourselves. While it's true that you can buy universal MSD ignition wire sets that will work on the B18 and B20 engines, they're not specifically made for those engines so the lengths of the conductor wires and the types of boots and sockets used are not anywhere near ideal for those particular engines. The coil wire on this set is about 21" (54 cm) but can be made longer if the coil is located a long ways from the distributor on your particular car.

Referring to the pictures, you'll notice that this wire set uses 3 straight boots and one 90 degree angle boot at the spark plug end. This is to make the wire set look as much as possible like the original equipment spark plug wire sets which used that configuration. Ok, this is a rather trivial detail but it may be important to some of those who are trying to keep their classic Volvos looking as original as possible.

These wires are made from MSD's highest quality 8.5 mm wire stock and boot fittings. MSD ignition wires are designed to deliver electrical energy to your spark plugs with the absolute minimum amount of energy losses due to electrical resistance and other factors. Less resistance and losses in the plug wires will result in a hotter more intense spark at the plugs which will, in turn, yield a better and more complete burn in the ignition chamber. That, of course, will lead to improved engine performance and fuel economy. And that, according to Martha Stewart, is a good thing. ;-)

Typically, spark plug wires have a certain amount of electrical resistance built into them to reduce the amount of radio interference caused by electromagnetic "noise" given off from the wires. This extra resistance in the spark plug wires causes a weaker spark which, in turn, reduces engine performance. But MSD ignition wires have almost no resistance compared to other brands while also being amongst the "quietest" ignition wires on the market. How does MSD manage to do this ? Well, to solve the EM emission problem MSD uses a super high quality 8.5 mm diameter silicone insulator wrapped around an innovative and unique helical wound conductor core that's engineered to virtually eliminate all EM noise while at the same time minimizing electrical resistance and therefore signal losses. Of course, none of this means anything if the boots and sockets at the ends of the wires aren't able to make and maintain good electrical contact with the coil, distributor and spark plugs. Again MSD has solved this problem by using superior quality heavy duty boots and sockets which fit snuggly onto the spark plugs, etc, and will continue to maintain a snug fit for years and years. In short, these are the very best spark plug/ignition wires you can buy anywhere for your classic B18 and B20 equipped classic Volvo.

Kit price: $85.99 USD (plus shipping)

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Complete Door Window Kit (no upgrade)

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