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We apologize that we do not have a sophisticated Shopping Cart system built into this web site at this time. Although it is not too difficult to acquire a shopping cart system that will do the basic things, it is quite difficult to find one that is capable of calculating the correct shipping costs for situations where customers order several different products at once.

We hope to one day have a Shopping Cart system that will meet our needs but in the meantime, we ask that you place your orders by e-mail. Tell us what you want, where you want it shipped and how you wish to pay. We will confirm the shipping cost and let you know how much your final bill will be. You can then either pay us via PayPal or send us a Money Order or Check. Cashiers checks are preferred but we will accept personal checks so long as they are either in US or Canadian Dollars. Be advised, however, unless you are someone we've dealt with successfully in the past, we will delay shipping your goods until your check clears.

To place an order go to our contact page and send us an e-mail detailing exactly what you want and how you wish to pay for it. Also provide us with your shipping address so we can provide you with an accurate estimate of the shipping cost and send you a request for payment through PayPal.  

If your order is a straightforward one item order and you already know what the shipping cost will be as it is given on the product information page and you want to pay via PayPal you can simply go to and send payment to . Please be sure to indicate exactly what you are ordering when you send the payment. It is a good idea to inform us of the order by e-mailing us at the above e-mail address.

Here's our mailing address for Money Orders and checks. Please make your checks and Money Orders payable to Rojcon Enterprises.  PLEASE DO NOT make them payable to
732 - 35A St. NW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2N 3A2