Instrument Repairs and Restoration

1800 Clock Repairs

99.999% of these early style Smiths clocks died very premature deaths and it is nearly impossible to find one that still works unless it has been repaired. The early demise of these clocks was due to a small but critical design flaw in the electrical system within the clocks. Our unique and innovative solution to this problem involves the addition of a very small but extremely effective solid state circuit which allows these beautiful 4 jewelled brass creations from a bygone era to be kept original and enables them to run reliably far longer than they did when they came out of the factory. No one else in the world offers this same service. --More--  

Although more reliable than the early Smiths clocks used on the '61 - '69 models, the VDO clocks Volvo used in '72 and '73 still have a tendency to fail. Often this happened because something caused an internal thermal fuse to blow. Once this happens the fuse has to be resoldered using very special and impossible to get low temp solder. There are webpages out there on the Internet that tell you how to do a quick and dirty repair job using regular solder. This solution is, however, far less than ideal as it will cause your clock to fry and suffer irrepairable damage if the problem that caused the clock's thermal fuse to blow the first time ever occurs again. Find out how we've solved this problem so that the thermal fuse will still blow at the temperature/current level it was originally designed to... --More--

1800 Tachometer Upgrades & Upgraded Units

This is another one of our exclusive services. We bypass the tired old primitive electronic circuit board in your Smiths tachometer and add a new modern state-of-the-art circuit board that has been designed created specifically to bring these old obsolete current sensing Smiths tachs into the modern age. Once implanted inside the tach our little circuit board greatly increases the accuracy of your tach and enables it to be run in either Current or Voltage sensing modes. Being able to run the tach in Voltage sensing mode means that you'll now have the option of using it with just about any modern ignition system like MSD. Without this modification you only have the option of using the tach with the stock, Perlux or Crane ignition systems, although some of these tachs don't always work very well with the Crane systems. The original circuitry is left in place so the modification is 100% reversible so you can put the tach back to it's original state if ever you decide you want to ! --More--

1800 Temp Gauges & Refurbished Units

It's quite rare to find an original classic dual reading bourdon tube temperature gauge in a '61 - '69 P1800/1800S that has both halves working, especially the oil temp half. The original bourdon tubes on those gauges get very brittle and fragile as they age due to the type of metal alloy that the tubes were made of. Most of the time these tubes crack or get broken right off. In either case the volatile compound in the reservoir tube gets released to the atmosphere and the gauge no longer works. There are a few specialty shops that can rebuild those gauges and replace those tubes with new ones but they charge a LOT of money for that service. We have found a way to offer that same service for a lot less money. Sound interesting ? Please read on.... --More--