Volvo 1800 (all) Door Aperture (Windlace) Seal Kits


This is the seal that goes around the door opening not the seal that goes on the door itself. If that's the type of seal you want click on this link to go to that page.

We've done a lot of research and testing and as far as we're aware, this (European made) door aperture seal is the absolute finest quality available anywhere in the world at ANY price. It is not available from any of the other vintage Volvo part specialty vendors.

What makes this windlace so good ? Well, there are a number of things:

Made from extremely high quality materials.

We guarantee you'll be very impressed by the weight and quality of these seals.

Plush lined (not the cheaper PVC lined type)

Plush lined windlace was stock on the '61 - '69 1800 coupes. Starting in 1970 they started using the cheaper PVC lined stuff and this is what was stock on the 1800E and ES. That being said, many 1800E and ES owners have replaced the original PVC windlace with plush lined stuff like this because it looks much nicer and gives the car a more classic and luxurious feel. For those who are planning to enter their 1800E or ES cars in concours competition, points are not deducted for having plush windlace instead of PVC so you don't have to worry about keeping to what was original on your car in this case.

Comes pre-cut*, mitered and ready to install

All you need to do to install it is press it onto the car body and glue the two mitered ends together as per some excellent illustrated and detailed instructions that we will e-mail you when the kit is shipped. NOBODY else will sell you plush lined windlace that's pre-cut and mitred. As far as we know (and we've done a bit of research on this), the only retail vendor that sells plush lined windlace (IPD) actually charges $140 for a pair of lower quality PVC lined seals and you have to do all the measuring and cutting yourself ! And what's more, they don't even provide you with any instructions on how to do it.

If you've ever tried to do a miter cut on this type of seal you'll know that it's extremely hard to do and it's VERY easy to mess up and make a dog's breakfast out of your windlace seals. It's also very difficult to figure out how to measure and cut this stuff to the right length because it has a flexible metal skeleton and doesn't want to lay straight. Accurately measuring the distance around the door opening is also very difficult because the door opening is oddly shaped and curved in three dimensions. That's why no other vendor will do the measuring and mitering for you. We however, have a great deal of experience measuring and miter cutting this type of seal and have developed special equipment and techniques that enable us to obtain perfect results every time. If you look at the photos you'll see what our mitred ends look like and how well they fit together when installed on the car.

Kit Pricing:

The cost of one pair of these seals, pre-measured, mitered and ready to install is $159.99 USD plus shipping.

(If you don't think that's a good price then you should consider that IPD sells lower quality PVC lined windlace seals for $140 per pair and you have to do the measuring and cutting yourself !)

* Please note that the windlace seals for a sports coupe and an ES sportswagon are of slightly different lengths so you need to tell us which type of car you want this seal for. If we don't hear from you either way on it we will assume you want it made to fit a sports coupe.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping to USA (lower 48)  $25.50 USD (includes insurance & tracking).

Shipping within Canada:  $20.00 USD (includes insurance & tracking).

International Shipping:
Surface (~5-8 weeks) $24.00 USD. Air (~2 weeks) $56.00
(includes partial insurance ($100 CAD maximum insurance)).