Volvo 1800 (all) Door Seal Kits



These door seals are for all P1800 cars including the ES sportswagon. This is the seal that goes along the sides and bottom of the door itself. It is not the seal that goes around the door opening/aperture on the main chassis. That seal is called a Door Aperture or Windlace Seal. If that's what you're looking for then go to this page.

Kit Description

This door seal has exactly the same profile as the stock Volvo door seals but the similarities pretty much end there. Unlike the stock stuff which has a solid core, this stuff has a small hollow section in the middle. The rubber used on these seals will outlast the stock stuff because its modern high-tech rubber compound is more resistant to sunlight and the elements. It'll also give a superior seal over a longer period of time because it's hollow sectioned design and more flexible and resiliant rubber compound makes it able to be more conforming even at cold temperatures and the more modern, high-tech rubber compound will remain more resiliant and maintain it's shape much longer than the OEM/stock seal material will.

Kit Contents:

(2) Partially pre-cut lengths of high quality rubber doorseal

One end of the seal will be pre-cut and tapered for you. We've found that to get the best possible fit length-wise it's best if we cut the seals a little longer than they need to be and let you trim and taper the other ends after the seals have been installed. (We supply you with instructions that show you how to do this.)

(1) Small chunk of Pug Duct seal

This is a little "extra" that only we include with a set of doorseals. Duct seal is a gummy black putty like material which will be needed to tack down the ends of the doorseals where they extend beyond the ends of the doorseal channels at the forward ends of the doors.

(1) Set of well written, easy-to-follow illustrated installation instructions

We will e-mail you with detailed illustrated instructions for installing the seals and trimming/tapering the unfinished ends when we ship the kit.

Kit price: $82.00 USD (plus shipping)

Upgrade Options:

This kit can be upgraded to a Complete Door Kit which would include both the door seals plus a  Complete Door Window Kit which contains all the weatherstripping and clips you need for doing the winder windows on both doors. To get the upgrade you must purchase the door seals and the Volvo 1800 Complete Door Window Kit together.

If you upgrade to a Complete Door Kit we'll knock $7.00 off the price of the Door Seal Kit so the total cost would be:

Complete Door Window Kit ($93) + Door Seal Kit ($82) - Upgrade Discount ($8.00) = $167.00 USD (plus shipping)

Shipping Costs:

We only charge actual postage costs plus a small amount (less than $2) to cover the costs of the shipping tubes (where applicable) and packing materials. The costs of shipping this kit via Canada Post to the USA and Regular Parcel Post (4-6 business days) within Canada are as follows:

Door Seal Kit (no upgrade)

Shipping to USA: $11.50 USD (Air. Includes insurance) .

Shipping within Canada: $16.00 USD (Includes insurance & tracking.)

International Shipping: Surface (~5-8 weeks) $12.00 USD  Air (~2 weeks) $21.00 USD (both prices include insurance)

Complete Door Kit (Door Seal + Complete Door Window Kit)

Shipping to USA: $28.00 USD (Includes insurance & tracking)

Shipping within Canada: $22.50 USD (Includes insurance & tracking.)

International Shipping:
(~5-8 weeks) $26.00 USD  Air (~2 weeks) $45.00 USD (both prices include insurance)*  

Note: International air shipping prices for the Complete Door Kit are based on splitting the shipment into two packages of ~equal weight and shipping them separately. If the CDK was shipped in a single package it would cost $56.50 instead of $45.00.