The Complete Door Window Kit


The Complete Door Window Kit contains everything you need to completely redo the door window weatherstripping on both doors of your Volvo 1800 plus a set of well written, easy-to-follow illustrated installation instructions (sent by e-mail). It does not, however, include the vent window seals.

Kit Contents:

(2) Pre-cut lengths of super high quality outer window scraper weatherstripping.

While the stock scrapers you get from other other on-line and mail-order vendors are ok, this stuff is different and far superior. The high-tech PVC rubber compound used in these scrapers is a much heavier grade and will stand up much better to UV radiation than the rubber used in the standard issue scrapers. But what really makes these scrapers so much better is the fact that they’ve got a low friction plush lined inner surface (see photos). The plush surface greatly reduces the amount of friction on the window which makes it much easier to roll your windows up and down and reduces the wear and tear on the winding mechanism and helps preserve the easy-to-strip splines on your crank handles.


(8) Special Large “S” clips and (6) special barbed “U” clips

The special (non-Volvo) assymetrical "S" clips are much larger than the stock “S” clips to accommodate the extra thickness of the heavy-duty plush lined outer scrapers provided with this kit. Eight are used to affix the outer scrapers to the chrome trim pieces and for affixing the trim piece to the car door itself. Six special (non-Volvo) barbed "U" clips are also provided to help secure the outer scrapers to the chrome trim piece.

(2) Inner scrapers/anti-rattle strips and (10) special retaining clips


Again, these inner scrapers are also different and much better than what you can get from any other specialty Volvo vendor. What makes them special is they’re designed to be mounted onto the door panel with special retainer clips (see photos). The inner scraper everyone else sells isn’t designed for this and has to be mounted by means of industrial grade staples. That makes them a huge pain to install because it requires the use of some big geezely industrial grade stapler that’s capable of driving staples through 2 layers of thin sheet metal. It also makes it a giant PITA to remove and replace those scrapers when they wear out because you have to painstakingly remove every one of those stupid #$*%#!! staples in order to do it.


It only takes a couple minutes to attach these anti-rattle strips to the door panel and that includes the amount of time it takes to install the special retaining clips ! Once these special clips are in place it’ll take you less than 3 minutes in total to remove and replace BOTH inner scrapers whenever they wear out because unlike the standard staple system, these special clips enable you to switch out a set of anti-rattle strips with the door panel still in place !


Oh, did we happen to mention that these special inner scraper clips are a non-Volvo item and nobody else sells them ?

(2) Top quality felted rubber front guide channel inserts and (2) Top quality felted rubber rear guide channel inserts.

These look pretty similar to the ones sold by all the other vendors but they're made of slightly better quality materials so should stand up to wear and tear a bit better over the long term.

(1) Set of well written, easy-to-follow illustrated installation instructions

Our well written, nicely illustrated and easy-to follow instructions make installing this kit easy and straightforward. Instructions will be sent by e-mail after the item has been shipped.

Kit Pricing:

Because we import our products in bulk quantities from various sources in Europe and elsewhere, have low overhead and have really done our homework in finding superior quality alternative weatherstripping products, we're able to offer these kits at much lower prices than what any other vintage Volvo specialty vendor could do it for. If you were to purchase the equivalent of all the stuff in this kit from IPD or Swedish Treasures, it would cost you at least $95.00 and for that price you’d be getting much lower quality outer scrapers that have no plushy inner lining and you wouldn’t be getting the 10 special retaining clips (value ~ $13.50) for mounting the inner scrapers. While some specialty vendors offer a few products which are similar, at least in function (some items are not that similar in terms of quality), to some of the items that are in this kit, there are none that offer all of the different types of weatherstripping and clips that we provide with this kit.

Kit price: $93.00 USD (plus shipping)

Upgrade Options:

This kit can be upgraded to a Complete Door Kit by adding a Door Seal Kit which includes the following:

(2) Pre-cut lengths of high quality rubber doorseal.

This is the seal that goes along the sides and bottom of the door itself. It is not the seal that goes around the door opening on the main chassis.

(1) Small chunk of Pug Duct seal

This is for tacking down the forward end of the doorseals where they extend beyond the ends of the doorseal channels. No other vendor would go the extra distance to include this with their doorseals. Go to the Door Seal Kit page for more detailed information on this kit.

Upgrade Cost:

On it's own, the Door Seal kit costs $82.00 USD. If you upgrade the Complete Door Window Kit to a Complete Door Kit we'll knock $8.00 off the price of the Door Seal kit so the total cost would be:

Complete Door Window Kit ($93) + Door Seal Kit ($82) - Upgrade Discount ($8.00) = $167.00 USD (plus shipping)

Shipping Costs:

We only charge actual postage costs plus a small amount (less than $2) to cover the costs of the shipping tubes and packing materials. The costs of shipping this kit via Canada Post eXpedited Air Parcel Post (10 – 12 business days) to the USA and Regular Air Parcel Post (4-6 business days) within Canada are as follows:

Complete Door Window Kit (no upgrade)

Shipping to USA: $15.00 USD (Includes insurance)

Shipping within Canada:  $13.00 USD (Includes insurance & tracking.)

International Shipping:
(~5-8 weeks) $18.00 USD  Air (~2 weeks) $37.50 USD (Both prices include insurance)

Complete Door Kit (Door Seal + Complete Door Window Kit)

Shipping to USA: $28.00 USD (Includes insurance)

Shipping within Canada:  $22.50 USD (Includes insurance & tracking.)

International Shipping:
(~5-8 weeks) $26.00 USD  Air (~2 weeks) $45.00 USD (Both prices include insurance)

Note: International air shipping prices for the Complete Door Kit are based on splitting the shipment into two packages of ~equal weight and shipping them separately. If the CDK was shipped in a single package it would cost $56.50 instead of $45.00.