Volvo P1800/1800S Smiths Clock Repairs



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Note: This page only contains pricing information for our products and services related to the early style ('61-'69) P1800 Smiths Clocks. Click on the arrow button (above) to go to Page 1 to find information on the small modification that we make to these clocks to make them more reliable and durable than they were when they were new while keeping them original and authentic.

What are your prices ?

Clock Repair and Refurbishment: $154.99 USD (Plus return shipping cost.)

Any Warranty on your Work ?

We warranty any clock we repair for 45 days of receipt by the customer. Date of receipt will be deemed to be 14 days after we ship the clock out in the mail. If there are any problems with the clock within that 45 day waranty period you must inform us immediately to let us know you're shipping the clock back to us and let us know why.

Where do I send my clock to for repairs ?

See the contact page for our shipping address.


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