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Custom MSD Ignition Wire Sets

We make custom made high performance MSD ignition wire kits for all Volvo cars with a B18 or B20 engine. We can also custom make MSD ignition wire sets for other Volvos and other types of cars on a special order basis. --More--

P45T to P43T Headlamp Bulb Adaptors


Specialized Adaptors for Classic Lucas and Cibie Headlamps


A VolvoSolutions Exclusive !!

Many P1800 and classic Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Tiger, etc., owners like to use period correct vintage headlamps on their collector cars to keep them looking as original as possible. One of the most popular vintage headlamps used on '60s and early '70s vintage European cars was the classic Lucas PL-700 which used old-style and now obsolete P45T based headlight bulbs. Several models of classic Cibie headlamps from that era also used P45T based bulbs. Replacement bulbs for theseheadlamps are hard to find, expensive to replace and generally not very powerful/bright. There are now some specialty places offering H4 bulbs mounted on P45T bases but again, these bulbs are hard-to-find, expensive and the selection of wattages and bulb types is very limited. We have literally seached to the far corners of the world and have managed to secure a small supply of specially made P45T to P43T adaptor rings which allow you to use modern, easy-to-get standard P43T based H4 bulbs in headlamps that were originally designed to take the now obsolete P45T based bulbs. Now you can pull into just about any automotive suppy store and get replacement bulbs to go in your vintage Lucas or Cibie headlamps and you will have a large number of brands, types and wattages to choose from ! --More--

Smokin' Hot Deals on Top Quality All-Weather Car Covers !


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Find out how you can save 35 - 55% on a top quality CoverCraft Technalon® Evolution 4 all-weather car cover. --More--