Volvo 1800 Weather Stripping Products


We've done a LOT of work to find superior alternatives to standard weather stripping products for the Volvo 1800. From this research we're able to offer some superior alternative weather stripping products for the 1800 cars. These products are NOT the same as what you'll get from EVERY other Classic Volvo specialty vendor. No one else sells these particular products nor can offer you the same level of quality and value as we can.

Click on any the links or images below to jump to a page where you'll find very detailed descriptions of the various 1800 weather stripping products we have to offer.


Alternative Hood & Trunk Seal Kits

Door Window Weather Stripping Kits

Door Seal Kits

Door Aperture (Windlace) Seal Kits

1800 ES Alternative Tailgate Seal Kits